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Eight Ways to Write a Superb Brief

Every word matters when submitting a brief to the court. It’s the difference between winning and losing a case. The stakes are high when trying to persuade the court in your favor.

In his latest eBook, Ross Guberman, CEO and Founder of BriefCatch, outlines eight tips for drafting a superb brief. Based on Kannon Shanmugam’s merits brief in Walker v. United States, Ross shares strategies for bolstering your brief and making persuasive, stronger, and effective arguments. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or writing your first brief, these tips will help elevate your writing. Download the eBook now!

One way to strengthen your brief is to favor short words like “can” and “but” and transitions like “In so doing” to take the reader on a smoother, faster ride. BriefCatch gave a “Crisp and Punchy” score of 98/100!  You can see examples from the brief below. 

crisp and punchy briefs

Another tip is to vary your sentence structure and shake loose from this pattern: “Someone noted/observed/stated that...” Here, BriefCatch could have helped even this rockstar brief in that regard.

sentence structure in briefs

Ready to Take Your Writing to the Next Level?

Whether you’re an individual looking to use BriefCatch or want to empower your team or entire organization to consistently deliver high quality legal writing, BriefCatch has the right plan for you. Schedule a demo today.

About BriefCatch

We created the BriefCatch platform using our unique blend of legal expertise and technological innovation to make great legal writing possible for all legal professionals regardless of their background or education. BriefCatch analyzes legal documents, offering suggestions for improvements, analytical scores on the draft, and a narrative report highlighting strengths and weaknesses of the writer. Founder Ross Guberman personally trains all new federal judges and now makes his expertise available to all legal writers through the BriefCatch platform.

Visit to learn why more than 70 courts and firms like Winston & Strawn, White & Case, and Greenberg Traurig, rely on BriefCatch to elevate their legal writing.