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If Trump Tweets Were SAT Writing Questions . . . .

Gearing up for the SAT in August or in the fall?

Jumpstart your SAT Writing & Language prep by matching wits with the leader of the free world.

Each of these 25 questions features a tweet from President Trump, though we've tweaked a few tweets as need be. The content of the tweets may be livelier than what you'll see on an actual test, but the questions themselves are hardly fake. In fact, they test many of the tough writing skills that can catapult you to a top Writing & Language score.

To see how you fare, just click on our Elite SAT Writing Placement: Trump Tweet Version. If you're preparing to take the SAT or ACT, this assessment is free. Here's more good news: Whether you love the President or don't care for him or something in between, the right answers to these questions will never change.

After you get your results, if you'd like to improve your scores before the actual test, we have an elite e-prep program that will help you, too, know all the best words, as the President once put it. Or at least know all the best grammar rules.